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it is all about me, Ardian x-8 sman 3 bandung

All about me
            Hello, my name Muhammad ardian and my nickname ardian.I was born in Bengkulu 10th March 2000. Now i live in Cimahi (city). My mother was born in Rejang Lebong and my father was born in Padang Pariaman. I lived in Bengkulu since i was born until  4 years old. I have 2 siblings, 1 brother and 1 sister.My brother was born in Bengkulu and my sister was born in Bandung. We are muslim and grandfather of my mother was an ustadz in Bengkulu. I was born in traders family. my father is selling a jacket in Pasar Baru bandung and also my mother. i studied in the kindergarten Asih Putera  nine years ago and it's kind very fun

             After studied in kindergarten i studied in Cimahi Mandiri 1 Elementary School. And wearing uniform for first time i accompanied my mother in class hihi. After maybe three days i felt happy in school, Studying with teacher and Playing card with friend.In grade 6, I started to focus on final exam/ National Exam. More serious study and monthly training for UN or called Tryout. After done with that, The time for final exam/UN. I started the final 'war' with 2B pencil and eraser. One month after that i get the score. after seeing my score i said alhamdulillah cause i got a good score. 

           Then i went to 5 Junior High School bandung yippi. After RSBI test,  i got a good score and can study there. First time i did the MOS time, After MOS i study like a other JHS studentr. Every six month or smester, School held sports competition between classes but unfortunately my class never be a winner in futsal;(. After 3 years this time for UN came back. and i got a good score i always said alhamdulillah.
            Now i'm in 3 High School bandung. Alhamdulillah after did the MOPD time, I can study like others student. Now i in x - 8 with a great english teacher named Mrs.Wiwin and i wrote this post using blog is one of some task from her hahaha 

I love and very excited all about animals. i have bird,rabbit,sugar glider,cat, and vinegaroon

Thankyou for reading. I hope you enjoy my post^^

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