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1. what is dewa athena in 3 high school bandung? answer: a
a. event in sport
b. food festival
c. planting event
d. bike event

2.what is ardian class? answer: c
a. x ips
b. x ipa 9
c. x ipa 8
d. x ipa 7

3.who the singer of the song "one love" on ardian blog? answer :b
a. Mohammed Marley
b. Bob Marley
c. Marlet Ibrahima wa Musa
d. Ali bob

4.ardian class how many times be a champion in Dewa Athena? answer: b

5.where ardian to go on his last holiday? answer:c
b. bali
c. ciwidey

6.with whom ardian go on his last holiday? answer:a
a. family
b. friends
c. girlfriend
d. teacher

7.from where ardian on his last holiday? answer: b
a. night club
b. cimahi
c. cikijing
d. mosque

8. where ardian go on his tour?  answer:a
a. jogja
b. egypt
c. library
d.nabawi mosque

9. on the fitst day of Dewa Athena event, what they do? answer: c
a. eating
b. playing football
c. marathon
d. not doing anythings

10.when the first day of dewa athena begin? answer :b
a. 6.30 pm
b. 6.30am

11.lyrics what is not contained in the post "SONG"? answer: c
a. two love!
b two heart!
c All Right!
d. crowded!

12.what ardian think about post "SONG"? answer : a
a. i think this song can make your life be better against your belief and if you thinks it's good, do it
b. i think it's very bad and don't listen that song anymore
c. it's not bad
d. i like it 

13.who can join dewa athena event? answer: d
a. grade 12
b. grade 11 
c. grade 10
d. b and c right

14.from where the marathon of Dewa athena start? answer: b
a. bali
b.bali field
c. cibaligo
d. balibudur

15. from post "Education To Build a Better Future For All"
in finland how old started school? answer: a
a. 7 years old
b. 8 years old
c. 5 years old
d. 1 years old

16.what slogan of ardian class? answer: b
a. We are FAMILY!
d. Give Up

17.with whom ardian create his conversation? answer: c
a. dadang
b. ahmed
c. kevin

18. what ardian achivement on post "conversation"? answer: a
a. best football team captain
b. best basketball player
c. best student in school
d. best people in the world

19.in the last conversation, where ardian invited kevin to go? answer: d
a. night club
b. bar
c. cafe
d. restaurant

20.how long ardian tour in Jogja? answer :d
a. 2 days
b. 1 week
c. 1 month
d. 3 days

21. what the title of his blog post " script "? answer: b
d. DAY

22.what is one of the hardest lesson in 3 high school bandung, from post script? answer : c
a. Physic
b. Sunda
c. Math
d. Chemie

 23. On the script, who plays a Narator? answer: c
24. . On the script, who plays a BK teacher? answer: d
a. ardian
b. salsa
c. adisya
d. hanni

25. On the script, who plays a Farhan's enemy? answer: b
a. Ardian
b. daffa
c. salsa
d. felita

26.. On the script, who plays a Farhan's Father? answer: a
a. Alif
b. Hanni
c. ardian
d. farhan 

28. On the script, who plays a Farhan's Mother? answer: b
a. hanni
b. salsa
29. On the script, who plays a Farhan's Friend? answer: c
a. salsa
b. ardian
c. adisya

30. On the script, who plays a the poor kid? answer:b
b. Farhan
c. Atalla
d. no one 

31. On the script, who plays a mathematics teacher? answer: a
 a. ardian
b. farhan
c. salsa
d. adisya

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SONG - One Love

Bob Marley - ONE LOVE

One Love!
One Heart!
Let's get together and feel all right.
Hear the children cryin'
(One Love! );
Hear the children cryin'
(One Heart! ),
Sayin': give thanks and praise
To the Lord and I will feel all right;
Sayin': let's get together
And feel all right.
Wo wo-wo wo-wo!

Let them all pass all their dirty
Remarks (One Love! );
There is one question
I'd really love to ask (One Heart! ):
Is there a place for the hopeless sinner,
Who has hurt all mankind just
To save his own beliefs?

One Love! What about the one heart?
One Heart!
What about?
Let's get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning
(One Love! );
So shall it be in the end
(One Heart! ),
All right!
Give thanks and praise to the Lord
And I will feel all right;
Let's get together
And feel all right.
One more thing!

Let's get together to fight
This Holy Armagiddyon (One Love! ),
So when the Man comes there will be no,
No doom (One Song! ).
Have pity on those whose
Chances grows t'inner;
There ain't no hiding place
From the Father of Creation.

Sayin': One Love!
What about the One Heart?
(One Heart! )
What about the?
Let's get together and feel all right.
I'm pleadin' to mankind!
(One Love! );
Oh, Lord!
(One Heart)

Give thanks and praise to the Lord
And I will feel all right;
Let's get together and feel all right.
Give thanks and praise to the Lord
And I will feel all right;
Let's get together and feel all right.

 Meaning"One Love" expresses the Rastfari credo, "One God, One Aim, One Destiny" which was inspired by Marcus Garvey and the UNIA. The song calls for peace and harmony through helping others, "Have pity on those who chances grow thinner," and also comes with a warning, 'There ain't no hiding place from the God of Creation." 

Myself: i think this song can make your life be better against your belief and if you thinks it's good, do it. 

Source: http://geoffreyphilp.blogspot.co.id



Dewa Athena
Image result for dewa athena sman 3 bandung 
      Hello, now i want to tell you about Dewa Athena in 3 High School Bandung. Dewa Athena is event in sport, in this event every class from grade 10 and 11 must have representative to play all of sport in here. In this event there are many kinds of sport like basketball, futsal, badminton, chess, dodgeball, etc.
       In the first day, i come at 6:30am and we are prepare to do marathon and wearing same clothes with all students in my class. We are start marathon from bali field and finish in bali field. On this day my class won all sport competition, except estafet because in estafet my friend slip and fall but it's okay. i'm proud of my class.

       In the next day, Dewa athena started again in the morning. And i very happy in this day, why? because my class won in all the game. and yesterday night we chat in line group and get a slogan "IPA 8....   BANTAI DENGAN SANTAI" we always shouted that slogan before and after start the match and i always pray before and after that.


      In the next day, i'm very spirit because on this day i play futsal and i hope my team win.., but in the end of the match our wicket conceded:(. in we lose, but in futsal for woman we won. But we must said alhamdulilah with all acquired. My class got 3 sports final, that is badminton for woman, gobak sodor, and volleyball. i hopefull in final will be champion, and Alhamdullilah in Paman Gober (closing of Dewa Athena) my team in final Volleyball and Gobaksodor be a champion, but until now, i posting in here Tropy not yet given.

      Somethings must you know, in this sport event i was very dissapointed, because not intertwining fair play, many delays schedule, and referees are unfair. Happened a lot fraud. and many seniors in grade 11 not playing fairplay. a fraction of those win not because they great, but because of fraud. i hope next event better than this.

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Education To Build a Better Future For All

            Hello friends, long time not posting in here . Now i want to share somethings about Education to Build a Better Future for All.
            I have some idea to build a better future for Al . i think education without UN (Ujian Nasional) or National Exam we can get a better future, whyy? because that is can make your afraid and depression diminish . You studied for 3 years , but to get the next school you want only determined in three until 4 day . That was not fair for Elementary school and Junior high school i think . And at school you should study more than 8 subjects.but to get the next school you want you only need to mastered three until four subjects . I think a good idea for solving this problem, we can replace national exam with oral test or we can give an exam in accordance with a ability of students. Example: if Joni mastered in math, the teacher or examiner can give him a test all about math . that can make his accordance increase . it’s all to build a better future for indonesia i think
            Other than that, i have a good solution i think, the solution is in High School we more focused to learning subjects we mastered. Because that can make a ability about that subjects so possessed. And can make you easier in college. And more a good idea, in Elementary school we dont to focused on the subhects matter, but we can more focus for learning character manners. Whyy?? Because i think Elementary School students need more education about charachter manners . i think that can build a better future for world.
            By the way, talk about Military education, i think is a good way to build a good defense for the country. And can provide learning in war, if one day a world war 3 occur. Haha just kidding,Back to education we can compare education in Indonesia and Finland, if in indonesia start school at 5 years, in finland start school at 7 years. And Finland get the best education system according various and everything is maintaned by the goverment, In Finland no homework not like in Indonesia, the students get a lot of homework everyday and just a little bit time for family:(, and in Finland not have national exam not like in indonesia, every years for the grade 6 elementary school, grade 9 junior high school, and grade 12 High School always held a national exam. And finland have flexible education curriculum, in indonesia have curriculum maned “2013” that’s just make a smart students getting smarter and make a stupid students getting more stupid. And in Finland have the teacher with the best quality, in indonesia treatment for teacher still not fair, because if the teacher teach in a good school in downtown can getting rich with additional study her/him made.otherwise teacher who teach in remote areas only pain cheap.

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My Last Holiday Story

My last holiday

My last holiday maybe 4-3 weeks ago. Last holiday my family and I went to Ciwidey by a car. before we go there, first we are prepare and bring a clothes because in Ciwidey we want to swimming in Hot Spring. We went maybe at 1th of January 2016.Go to Ciwidey took us 3 hours by a car.

            We went from Cimahi at 9am and we took a rest at 11am for prayjumat. We rest in Nurul Huda mosque. From there we continue to Ciwidey Hot Spring and in the road there was trafficjam. Ohh no on the car we were bored and just waiting until arrived in Walini Hot Spring. I am so happy until arrive there because for go there need a lot of time I think. In there we buy for a ticket. Oh yeah, I go there with my mother,father, and my sister. In there I buy some food because I’m so hungry and after eat I changed my clothes to a swimming clothes. I think air in ciwidey still clean and so cool with hot water was so beautiful place for holiday.          

            I go to Walini Hot Spring in Holiday and in here was crowded. First I go to small pool for testing a water so hot or not. But I think not and after that I go to big pool to get better hot water. Yeah I got the best water haha, in here I just stay and breath with a clean air. Maybe I stay for 1 hour. After that I was changed my clothes again and eating a corn wich I had bought.

            From Walini Hot Spring my family and I  go to satay restaurant. And buy a food for take a way. In the road I seeing a strawberry farm and a green hill and that’s a good place for take a picture I think, but I cant because I must stay on the car. on the car I just playing my hand phone and seeing a online shop that sell a pet and accessories only for pet. After founding a good price for a SugarGlider i make a deal with the seller and tomorrow I have to COD ( Cash On Delivery) for a SugarGlider. And after  jammed a traffic my family and i when I arrive at home I took a rest to gain stamina for tomorrow did COD (Cash On Delivery).

Thanks for reading my last holiday story ! ! ! ! ! !

Sorry for my bad English.

Assalamualaikum .wr .wb  


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Casts :
 - Farhan Fauzan as Farhan (the poor kid)
- M. Ardian as Math Teacher
-Hanni Masnauli as BK Teacher
-Adisya Salsabila as Farhan’s friend
-Daffa Atalla as Farhan’s enemy
-Alif Miftah as Farhan’s father
-Salsabilla Shofa as Farhan’s mother
-Felita Almira P as Narator
            Math is one of the hardest lesson in Bandung’s 3 Senior Highschool. And when the teacher taught, Farhan is bored and sleepy. He felt sleepy, sleepy and he doesn’t remember anything.
Ardian : “Hey, wake up! You think my class is your bedroom? I am explainig this lesson to you so you can do well in the test. Why are you sleeping? “
Farhan : “I’m sorry, mister. I was so sleepy. I didn’t get much cleep last night.”
Ardian : “That’s your problem. Now, wake up cause we’re having some test!”
Farhan : “Pardon? A Test?”
Ardian : “Indeed.”
            Farhan is so panic. He doesn’t study yet. He look around for help, he hopes that his bestfriend, Disya will help him doing his test.
Farhan : “Disya, would you like to help me? Please”
Disya   : “Help for?”
Farhan : “For the test. You know I am not ready. And I didn’t listen when Mr. Ardian teachs.”
Disya   : “I’m sorry I can’t help you in this case, Farhan. You must do it by your own”
            Farhan resigned. And he decided to cheat. He doesn’t have any choices. He doesn’t want to have bad scores. He already had a plenty Bad scores, That’s enough for him.
Farhan : (looked at Disya’s worksheet)
Atalla   : (see Farhan cheats)
Atalla   : “(stands up) Hey Farhan, what are you doing? Are you cheating? (raises his hand) Mr. Ardian! He’s cheating!”
Farhan : “(panic) No, no mister. I didn’t cheat!”
Ardian : “Unfortunately, I also saw that you’re cheating. I’m so disappointed.”
Ardian             : “(took Farhan’s worksheet and secretly took Farhan’s motorcycle’s key at the same time) You’re not allow to take the exam. I’m sorry.”
Farhan : (frustated)
[Recess time]
Atalla   : “Farhan! I will tell to the BK teacher that you’re just cheating.”
Disya   : “Yes! I will tell it too. I know that we used to be best buddy, Farhan. But I can’t believe what you just did”
Farhan : “Astagfirullah, I’m sorry Disya,  I looked at your worksheet , But that’s just because I didn’t study last night! If I studied, I guaranteed that I won’t cheat”
(Atalla and Adisya goes to the BK Teacher office)
Atalla   : “Hello, Good morning Mrs. Hanni”
Hanni   : “Hello, Atalla and Disya. What’s wrong?”
Atalla   : “Well, Farhan tried to look at Disya’s worksheet when we were doing Math Test. Mrs. And that’s unfair!”
Disya   : “Yes, Mrs. Hanni. I can’t believe what he just did”
Hanni   : “Wow, he is so unrespectful. Please call Farhan to come here”
(Farhan come to the BK Teacher’s Office)
Hanni   : “Farhan, is that true that you cheat on the Math test?”
Farhan : “Yes, mam. I admit that I was wrong. I cheated because I didn’t study last night”
Hanni   : “Honestly, I’m so disappointed of you today. You shouldn’t cheat whatever the reason is”
Farhan : “I’m sorry mam. I wont’ do that again”
Hanni   : “you promise?”
Farhan : “Yes, mam”
(After school)
Atalla   : “Hey, that’s Farhan!! He just cheated at Math test and get called by the BK Teacher!”
Farhan : “Hey! I don’t like the way you talk to me! That’s not polite”
Adisya  : “Farhan, Mrs. Hanni called you again. She wants to talk about something with you”
Farhan : “Okay”
(At BK Teacher’s Office)
Hanni   : “Farhan, I called you again not because you cheated on the Math test. I just looked at your school results and the results are so bad. I’m afraid that you will get a lot of SPs. I think I need to talk to your parents”
(Farhan’s parents come to the school)
Salsa    : “Oh my God! What happened!? Farhan, what are you doing!?”
Alif       : “Oh My God, what happened to my Son?” (cried)
Hanni   : “So, this is the problems Mr and Mrs. I just look at Farhan’s scool report and the results are awful. And he’s just tried to cheat on the Math Test. I’m afraid that he will get a lot of SPs. Farhan need to change his attitude”
Salsa    : “Astagfirullah, indeed Mrs. Hanni! I will scold Farhan. He need to know how hard his parents work so he can studied in a great school like this!”
Alif       : “Stop it, Mom. Farhan is so poor. I’m so sad, look at him!” (Cried harder)
Salsa    : “Enough dad! Why are you crying? Farhan, you need to grow up!”
Farhan : “I’m sorry mom! I won’t do that again” (cried)

Alif       : “See? He apologizes. Please forgive him” (fried and cried)

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City Tour

    tour to jogja

       assalamualaikum, hello friends! now i wanna tell you about my last holiday tour. i go to jogja after final exam or  commonly called un. i'm very excited to go there, why?? because i go there in the afternoon after un. it's like directly after exam we go on vacation, i'm so happy!!. i and my classmates went there by train. after un i'm back to home to prepare for tour, after that my father and mother accompanied me to the station. in there many of my friend has been coming. in there we were get a ticket for the train and maybe at 6 pm we went to jogja, on the train we were sharing about all things from who girls we like until crazy activity after 1 hours we are sleeping until arrived we were woken up by teacher. by the way my teacher name is mrs. eva im so proud to her because i think she's the best teacher in junior high school.
after arrive in jogja we went to mosque for pray subuh. after that we rest in the mosque and in 6 am we went to kfc for breakfast.  

first day, in jogja after breakfast we went to the waterfall but i forget the waterfall name. in there im so exited because we were swimming together and visit a beautiful cave with a lot of bat. after that i changed my clothes. from the waterfall we went to sriati beach. after arrived in there we had lunch and after lunch in there we not swimming, but we just take a photo in there for booklets. and we are using white t shirt. in there we stayed until afternoon maybe 5pm. from there we went to guest house. in guest house we took a rest and dinner. after dinner we were chatting and watching film until sleep.
in the next day or second day, we are wake up at 4 am for pray subuh after that we are breakfast and after breakfast we go to temple mendut. in there we take a photo and seeing all temple. after from there we go to some restaurant and there we lunch, after lunch we get free time for doing anythings we stay in there until 5pm. from there we go back to guest house and pray magrib berjamaah or together. after pray we are dinner and after dinner we get a games. the games is truth or dare. we are play truth or dare until 10pm. after that we were ( the boy) playing card until 1am and we were very exhausted and we fell asleep

in the last day or third day, in the morning we pray subuh. and after that we breakfast and after breakfast we go to merapi mountain by jeep. yeahhh that so best part because our stand on a jeep with gusts in the morning.
we took a photo in there because merapi mountain is a beautiful and nice place for taking a photo. with active mountain and clean air. from there we go to malioboro at 1 pm. in there we lunch and after lunch we can buy souvenir until 4pm. in there im bought a t shirt. from there we went to guest house for preparing and after that we go to the station for go back to bandung.