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My Last Holiday Story

My last holiday

My last holiday maybe 4-3 weeks ago. Last holiday my family and I went to Ciwidey by a car. before we go there, first we are prepare and bring a clothes because in Ciwidey we want to swimming in Hot Spring. We went maybe at 1th of January 2016.Go to Ciwidey took us 3 hours by a car.

            We went from Cimahi at 9am and we took a rest at 11am for prayjumat. We rest in Nurul Huda mosque. From there we continue to Ciwidey Hot Spring and in the road there was trafficjam. Ohh no on the car we were bored and just waiting until arrived in Walini Hot Spring. I am so happy until arrive there because for go there need a lot of time I think. In there we buy for a ticket. Oh yeah, I go there with my mother,father, and my sister. In there I buy some food because I’m so hungry and after eat I changed my clothes to a swimming clothes. I think air in ciwidey still clean and so cool with hot water was so beautiful place for holiday.          

            I go to Walini Hot Spring in Holiday and in here was crowded. First I go to small pool for testing a water so hot or not. But I think not and after that I go to big pool to get better hot water. Yeah I got the best water haha, in here I just stay and breath with a clean air. Maybe I stay for 1 hour. After that I was changed my clothes again and eating a corn wich I had bought.

            From Walini Hot Spring my family and I  go to satay restaurant. And buy a food for take a way. In the road I seeing a strawberry farm and a green hill and that’s a good place for take a picture I think, but I cant because I must stay on the car. on the car I just playing my hand phone and seeing a online shop that sell a pet and accessories only for pet. After founding a good price for a SugarGlider i make a deal with the seller and tomorrow I have to COD ( Cash On Delivery) for a SugarGlider. And after  jammed a traffic my family and i when I arrive at home I took a rest to gain stamina for tomorrow did COD (Cash On Delivery).

Thanks for reading my last holiday story ! ! ! ! ! !

Sorry for my bad English.

Assalamualaikum .wr .wb  


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