Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

Education To Build a Better Future For All

            Hello friends, long time not posting in here . Now i want to share somethings about Education to Build a Better Future for All.
            I have some idea to build a better future for Al . i think education without UN (Ujian Nasional) or National Exam we can get a better future, whyy? because that is can make your afraid and depression diminish . You studied for 3 years , but to get the next school you want only determined in three until 4 day . That was not fair for Elementary school and Junior high school i think . And at school you should study more than 8 subjects.but to get the next school you want you only need to mastered three until four subjects . I think a good idea for solving this problem, we can replace national exam with oral test or we can give an exam in accordance with a ability of students. Example: if Joni mastered in math, the teacher or examiner can give him a test all about math . that can make his accordance increase . it’s all to build a better future for indonesia i think
            Other than that, i have a good solution i think, the solution is in High School we more focused to learning subjects we mastered. Because that can make a ability about that subjects so possessed. And can make you easier in college. And more a good idea, in Elementary school we dont to focused on the subhects matter, but we can more focus for learning character manners. Whyy?? Because i think Elementary School students need more education about charachter manners . i think that can build a better future for world.
            By the way, talk about Military education, i think is a good way to build a good defense for the country. And can provide learning in war, if one day a world war 3 occur. Haha just kidding,Back to education we can compare education in Indonesia and Finland, if in indonesia start school at 5 years, in finland start school at 7 years. And Finland get the best education system according various and everything is maintaned by the goverment, In Finland no homework not like in Indonesia, the students get a lot of homework everyday and just a little bit time for family:(, and in Finland not have national exam not like in indonesia, every years for the grade 6 elementary school, grade 9 junior high school, and grade 12 High School always held a national exam. And finland have flexible education curriculum, in indonesia have curriculum maned “2013” that’s just make a smart students getting smarter and make a stupid students getting more stupid. And in Finland have the teacher with the best quality, in indonesia treatment for teacher still not fair, because if the teacher teach in a good school in downtown can getting rich with additional study her/him made.otherwise teacher who teach in remote areas only pain cheap.

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