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Dewa Athena
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      Hello, now i want to tell you about Dewa Athena in 3 High School Bandung. Dewa Athena is event in sport, in this event every class from grade 10 and 11 must have representative to play all of sport in here. In this event there are many kinds of sport like basketball, futsal, badminton, chess, dodgeball, etc.
       In the first day, i come at 6:30am and we are prepare to do marathon and wearing same clothes with all students in my class. We are start marathon from bali field and finish in bali field. On this day my class won all sport competition, except estafet because in estafet my friend slip and fall but it's okay. i'm proud of my class.

       In the next day, Dewa athena started again in the morning. And i very happy in this day, why? because my class won in all the game. and yesterday night we chat in line group and get a slogan "IPA 8....   BANTAI DENGAN SANTAI" we always shouted that slogan before and after start the match and i always pray before and after that.


      In the next day, i'm very spirit because on this day i play futsal and i hope my team win.., but in the end of the match our wicket conceded:(. in we lose, but in futsal for woman we won. But we must said alhamdulilah with all acquired. My class got 3 sports final, that is badminton for woman, gobak sodor, and volleyball. i hopefull in final will be champion, and Alhamdullilah in Paman Gober (closing of Dewa Athena) my team in final Volleyball and Gobaksodor be a champion, but until now, i posting in here Tropy not yet given.

      Somethings must you know, in this sport event i was very dissapointed, because not intertwining fair play, many delays schedule, and referees are unfair. Happened a lot fraud. and many seniors in grade 11 not playing fairplay. a fraction of those win not because they great, but because of fraud. i hope next event better than this.

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