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Casts :
 - Farhan Fauzan as Farhan (the poor kid)
- M. Ardian as Math Teacher
-Hanni Masnauli as BK Teacher
-Adisya Salsabila as Farhan’s friend
-Daffa Atalla as Farhan’s enemy
-Alif Miftah as Farhan’s father
-Salsabilla Shofa as Farhan’s mother
-Felita Almira P as Narator
            Math is one of the hardest lesson in Bandung’s 3 Senior Highschool. And when the teacher taught, Farhan is bored and sleepy. He felt sleepy, sleepy and he doesn’t remember anything.
Ardian : “Hey, wake up! You think my class is your bedroom? I am explainig this lesson to you so you can do well in the test. Why are you sleeping? “
Farhan : “I’m sorry, mister. I was so sleepy. I didn’t get much cleep last night.”
Ardian : “That’s your problem. Now, wake up cause we’re having some test!”
Farhan : “Pardon? A Test?”
Ardian : “Indeed.”
            Farhan is so panic. He doesn’t study yet. He look around for help, he hopes that his bestfriend, Disya will help him doing his test.
Farhan : “Disya, would you like to help me? Please”
Disya   : “Help for?”
Farhan : “For the test. You know I am not ready. And I didn’t listen when Mr. Ardian teachs.”
Disya   : “I’m sorry I can’t help you in this case, Farhan. You must do it by your own”
            Farhan resigned. And he decided to cheat. He doesn’t have any choices. He doesn’t want to have bad scores. He already had a plenty Bad scores, That’s enough for him.
Farhan : (looked at Disya’s worksheet)
Atalla   : (see Farhan cheats)
Atalla   : “(stands up) Hey Farhan, what are you doing? Are you cheating? (raises his hand) Mr. Ardian! He’s cheating!”
Farhan : “(panic) No, no mister. I didn’t cheat!”
Ardian : “Unfortunately, I also saw that you’re cheating. I’m so disappointed.”
Ardian             : “(took Farhan’s worksheet and secretly took Farhan’s motorcycle’s key at the same time) You’re not allow to take the exam. I’m sorry.”
Farhan : (frustated)
[Recess time]
Atalla   : “Farhan! I will tell to the BK teacher that you’re just cheating.”
Disya   : “Yes! I will tell it too. I know that we used to be best buddy, Farhan. But I can’t believe what you just did”
Farhan : “Astagfirullah, I’m sorry Disya,  I looked at your worksheet , But that’s just because I didn’t study last night! If I studied, I guaranteed that I won’t cheat”
(Atalla and Adisya goes to the BK Teacher office)
Atalla   : “Hello, Good morning Mrs. Hanni”
Hanni   : “Hello, Atalla and Disya. What’s wrong?”
Atalla   : “Well, Farhan tried to look at Disya’s worksheet when we were doing Math Test. Mrs. And that’s unfair!”
Disya   : “Yes, Mrs. Hanni. I can’t believe what he just did”
Hanni   : “Wow, he is so unrespectful. Please call Farhan to come here”
(Farhan come to the BK Teacher’s Office)
Hanni   : “Farhan, is that true that you cheat on the Math test?”
Farhan : “Yes, mam. I admit that I was wrong. I cheated because I didn’t study last night”
Hanni   : “Honestly, I’m so disappointed of you today. You shouldn’t cheat whatever the reason is”
Farhan : “I’m sorry mam. I wont’ do that again”
Hanni   : “you promise?”
Farhan : “Yes, mam”
(After school)
Atalla   : “Hey, that’s Farhan!! He just cheated at Math test and get called by the BK Teacher!”
Farhan : “Hey! I don’t like the way you talk to me! That’s not polite”
Adisya  : “Farhan, Mrs. Hanni called you again. She wants to talk about something with you”
Farhan : “Okay”
(At BK Teacher’s Office)
Hanni   : “Farhan, I called you again not because you cheated on the Math test. I just looked at your school results and the results are so bad. I’m afraid that you will get a lot of SPs. I think I need to talk to your parents”
(Farhan’s parents come to the school)
Salsa    : “Oh my God! What happened!? Farhan, what are you doing!?”
Alif       : “Oh My God, what happened to my Son?” (cried)
Hanni   : “So, this is the problems Mr and Mrs. I just look at Farhan’s scool report and the results are awful. And he’s just tried to cheat on the Math Test. I’m afraid that he will get a lot of SPs. Farhan need to change his attitude”
Salsa    : “Astagfirullah, indeed Mrs. Hanni! I will scold Farhan. He need to know how hard his parents work so he can studied in a great school like this!”
Alif       : “Stop it, Mom. Farhan is so poor. I’m so sad, look at him!” (Cried harder)
Salsa    : “Enough dad! Why are you crying? Farhan, you need to grow up!”
Farhan : “I’m sorry mom! I won’t do that again” (cried)

Alif       : “See? He apologizes. Please forgive him” (fried and cried)

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