Selasa, 01 September 2015

City Tour

    tour to jogja

       assalamualaikum, hello friends! now i wanna tell you about my last holiday tour. i go to jogja after final exam or  commonly called un. i'm very excited to go there, why?? because i go there in the afternoon after un. it's like directly after exam we go on vacation, i'm so happy!!. i and my classmates went there by train. after un i'm back to home to prepare for tour, after that my father and mother accompanied me to the station. in there many of my friend has been coming. in there we were get a ticket for the train and maybe at 6 pm we went to jogja, on the train we were sharing about all things from who girls we like until crazy activity after 1 hours we are sleeping until arrived we were woken up by teacher. by the way my teacher name is mrs. eva im so proud to her because i think she's the best teacher in junior high school.
after arrive in jogja we went to mosque for pray subuh. after that we rest in the mosque and in 6 am we went to kfc for breakfast.  

first day, in jogja after breakfast we went to the waterfall but i forget the waterfall name. in there im so exited because we were swimming together and visit a beautiful cave with a lot of bat. after that i changed my clothes. from the waterfall we went to sriati beach. after arrived in there we had lunch and after lunch in there we not swimming, but we just take a photo in there for booklets. and we are using white t shirt. in there we stayed until afternoon maybe 5pm. from there we went to guest house. in guest house we took a rest and dinner. after dinner we were chatting and watching film until sleep.
in the next day or second day, we are wake up at 4 am for pray subuh after that we are breakfast and after breakfast we go to temple mendut. in there we take a photo and seeing all temple. after from there we go to some restaurant and there we lunch, after lunch we get free time for doing anythings we stay in there until 5pm. from there we go back to guest house and pray magrib berjamaah or together. after pray we are dinner and after dinner we get a games. the games is truth or dare. we are play truth or dare until 10pm. after that we were ( the boy) playing card until 1am and we were very exhausted and we fell asleep

in the last day or third day, in the morning we pray subuh. and after that we breakfast and after breakfast we go to merapi mountain by jeep. yeahhh that so best part because our stand on a jeep with gusts in the morning.
we took a photo in there because merapi mountain is a beautiful and nice place for taking a photo. with active mountain and clean air. from there we go to malioboro at 1 pm. in there we lunch and after lunch we can buy souvenir until 4pm. in there im bought a t shirt. from there we went to guest house for preparing and after that we go to the station for go back to bandung.

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