Selasa, 01 September 2015

My School Life

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          Now I’m study at 3 Senior High School Bandung. I am from 5 Junior High School Bandung. First day here, I was still awkward because for first day I am not familiar. Then in here I meet new friend and see my old friend too. People in 3 Senior High School were very friendly. On the recognition I was guided by the seniors. They are very friendly and smart. I was given some tasks by my seniors and of course i did it. From making cover book with newspaper until write up file friends. That’s all exhausting but fun. For first time I sat on the chair in one table with two friends. Their name Gavin and Erlangga. Gavin come from 1 JHS Margahayu and Erlangga come from 13 JHS Bandung.  We talked about the junior high school we have passed.

          After 2 weeks school, I’m starting familiar in this school with unique and smart friends. The environment is clean and beautiful, and also the park decorated with many flowers/plant. The environment make the spirit of learning increased, officer here was very kind and teacher taught not just to make their students understand about the matery and also built their character. I’m so lucky to be there. We do ceremony two weeks one time, usually in Mondays. Why not every week as in junior high school? Because we took turns with school next door. Yeah, 5 High School Bandung. We are taught to share because the motto of my school is “ knowledge is power but character is more” we up hold high character.

          Talk about taking a break, in the first break I always eat food from house, because the food more secure, clean, and my allowance can be saved hahaha. In the second break my friends and I go to the mosque to carry out to pray. From the mosque my friends and I usually to canteen or we called it bazaar. I usually bought a drink and sometimes marsmallow. From bazaar we back to class and talking until bell rang.
When the last bell rang for a day, we can went home. We put our stationeries in the bag and pray before going home or gathered here today to committes qurban. 
           In the division “the searcher team for animals for qurban” . my job to find animals for qurban with a price as cheap as I can get, and the best best quality ofc haha. I’m so happy in here, although with all the tasks that pile up and the test difficult. My friends and I borrowed a book from the library. For the school equipments, we are required to use white socks, black shoes, trousers of gray, badge school, white shirt from Monday until Thursday,batik shirt on Friday and tracksuit on Saturday. There is a parking vehicles in bazaar. My class is located in the third floor, condition in class is hot at afternoon day and always make my concentration of study is reduced. Condition of the toilet in this school I think good enough, but toilet in the third floor of the less well groomed. I hope I can be successful through school here. AAMIIN

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