Jumat, 07 Agustus 2015

My Friend, Ardian x-8 sman 3 bandung

My Friend Kevin Lee

I have a friend, his name is Kevin Lee and his nickname is Kevin
Kevin was born in Bandung 11 april 2000
Kevin Live in Komp Gendingmas blok f18 Ujung Berung
He is Christian
He was a devout worship
He have stanled eyes
He has thick eyebrows
He wear an Eiger bag
His Hobbies are all about sports like running,cycling,and hiking
His have 1 sibling, 1 younger brother
His wishes is "i wish can graduate with a good score" and i said amin wkwk
His favourite subject is Sport
His idol (inspiring person) is his parents
His favourite colour is Blue and black
His Favourite food is all about cheese
His Favourite Drink is plain water and milk
His come from S. Angela JHS with a great score

He haven't had girlfriend

and the last His typical girl he said "i like tall girl,like me just the way i am,and kind and warm person

Thankyou for reading, i hope you enjoy my post ^^

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